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L'Imaginarium, la magie des bulles
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515 420 305 00059
L’Imaginarium, la magie des bulles - BP 102
21703 Nuits-Saint-Georges Cedex
Tel.: 33 (0)3 80 62 61 40
Fax: 33 (0)3 80 62 60 91

Purpose of the site
Presentation and promotion of a new tourism facility dedicated to effervescent wines in Burgundy, at Nuits-Saint-Georges. (The abuse of alcohol is dangerous to your health. Consume with moderation).

Publication director Joachim Schäfer
Editorial manager, webmaster Joachim Schäfer
Design, production, artistic direction Idéal Productions -
Editorial content Joachim Schäfer
Photo credits © Jean-Louis Bernuy - "L’Imaginarium, la magie des bulles" collection
Studio Grizzly Dijon for the identity design
Exhibition design Question d'Epoque - Paris
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Offical site publication date 28 April 2006
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