Find the secret of the vine
A real show lasting for 40 minutes

700 m² of space for a fascinating journey through time. Instructive and original. The idea of using tools to explain how men tended the vines and made wine down the ages. The tools seem to come to life in a modern scenario bringing together images, sound and light effects.

An ambitious project carried by two men, just like in a film.

Sacrée Vigne is basically a story of a Film Director, Philippe Bérard, and a Wine Producer Jean-Claude Boisset. Who fell in love with the idea of telling the story of wine and winemaking through the tools used down the ages as extensions of the hand of man. But the story had to be entertaining as well as educational, and appealing to the public at large.

It took more than a year to complete the project.

The result is an entertaining spectacle rich in detail and anecdotes on the world of wine, with more than a thousand tools on display in three rooms. The journey makes sure the passengers are comfortable, with stand-up seats installed in each room. The Sacrée Vigne adventure caters for parties of up to forty people for each tour!

Three rooms, three themes : Vines, Wines and the Men who tend them.

The journey follows three themes covering all of the aspects of vines and winemaking : tending the vines, harvesting the grapes and making wine. Each theme is presented in a different room.

The First Room covers everything to do with the vines and their cultivation as well as the risks the vines face and the resources and solutions provided by man to combat them.

The Second Room plunges the visitor into the atmosphere of the grape harvest, or vendage, and winemaking. A mixture of hard work and celebration. The visitor discovers one of the largest collections of vine billhooks, in an animated ballet. They then go on to learn everything there is to know, or nearly everything, concerning the art of cooperage, making barrels from oak wood. Indispensable for the wine producers of Burgundy.

The Third Room celebrates the joyful temperament of the noble wine of Burgundy . A small puppet theatre presents the major figures from Burgundy’s history: a monk cellar master, and the colourful character of Charles Viénot, Chevalier du Tastevin. The tools are the main actors in the spectacle. They describe the long, meticulous and time consuming production process for Burgundy wines.

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