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  • Pouilly-Fuissé Les Deux Terroirs Grandes Mises 2017 Blanc - Mommessin

Pouilly-Fuissé Les Deux Terroirs Grandes Mises 2017 Blanc - Mommessin

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Format (L) : 0,75

Color : BLANC

Region : Mâconnais

Grape variety : Chardonnay

Degree (%) : 13

Product details

The wine shows a fine golden yellow colour with green reflections.
The nose is both mineral and fruity (citrus, such as grapefruit) with hints of peach and pear.
The taste is rich and opulent, the sign of a good marriage between oak-ageing and the terroir of the wine. Aromas of acacia, fresh almonds and hazelnuts complete the finish with a bouquet of white fruit.


Pouilly-Fuissé can be enjoyed young to appreciate its fresh and fruity aromas, either as an aperitif or with dishes such as perch, sea-bream, zander (pike-perch), snails and, with the age, it will be a delight with scallop gratins, chicken in cream sauce, sweetbreads, fois gras, hard cheeses.


Best served decanted and enjoyed quite cool, between 12° and 14° C. (53-57°F.) to discover its rich and complex flavours.
This white wine can be kept for 8 years and more.

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