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  • Vodka Idol

Vodka Idol

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Color : .

Region : Bourgogne

Degree (%) : 40

Product details

Slow distillation using the highest quality equipment.
The alcohol is made from the best French grapes: chardonnay and pinot noir from low-yield burgundy vineyards.
7 distillations (compared to 4 or 5 for others) and 5 filtrations. Quality, integrity and elimination of all measurable impurities in the liquid.
Blended with pure water from Burgundy (Côte d'Or).

A smooth bouquet : no harsh alcohol in the nose thanks to the slow distillation
Crystalline appearance in the glass - a reflection of the purity of the product
Delicate texture with a smooth and long-lasting finish
Elegant and unique, recognizable flavor



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